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  • Happy Bday to @Jcog88 by @eastvaninctattoo “”It’s like a day at the spa!” #tattoo #tattoos #tattooing #tattooshop #vancouver #vancouvertattooshop #eastvan” via @PhotoRepost_app (at East Van Inc. Tattoo)

    Happy Bday to @Jcog88 by @eastvaninctattoo “”It’s like a day at the spa!” #tattoo #tattoos #tattooing #tattooshop #vancouver #vancouvertattooshop #eastvan” via @PhotoRepost_app (at East Van Inc. Tattoo)

  • #WTF #Candles @fatimabeatty

    #WTF #Candles @fatimabeatty

  • Choppin veggies @fatimabeatty #vegetarian #vegan #surreybc  (at North Surrey, BC)

    Choppin veggies @fatimabeatty #vegetarian #vegan #surreybc (at North Surrey, BC)

  • Retro upgrades: complete. #mazda #precidia #mx3 @alpine_usa @z953van #vancouver #surreybc #vintage #caraudio

    Retro upgrades: complete. #mazda #precidia #mx3 @alpine_usa @z953van #vancouver #surreybc #vintage #caraudio

  • crystelmethamphetamine:

    yo impressive. need to get my hands on this. photography just got sexier
    (but I still got love for Canons Rebels)

  • hype-fresh:

    Lytro Illum Light Field Camera | HF®


    If you haven’t heard of light field camera technology, the concept is pretty simple– “shoot now, focus later”.  Light field cameras allow users to snap a photo of a scene, then adjust the focus later to create a dynamic, interesting image.

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  • thisisindustrialdesign:

    artefact group the design firm behind the scenes discusses the design process of the lytro illum at


  • (Source: mdilelladesign)

  • tlselite:

    While the company’s first cameraLytro‘s brand new Illum infinitely expands on its initial promise. Combining complex software with a groundbreaking image sensor, Lytro’s 2011 offering captured the color, intensity, and direction of millions of rays of light – ultimately allowing the user to refocus an image post-shot and even garner a three-dimensional image from a single photograph. Since its introduction, the technology has been mimicked – to varying degrees of success – by a number of apps and smartphones.

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  • themuhandes:

    On July 31, photographers will finally be able to wrap their hands around the Lytro Illum, the world’s first pro-level light field camera. Unlike the DSLRs that everyone is now used to, the Illum lets you create what Lytro calls “living pictures,” derived from the camera’s sensor and lens, specialized software and 3D graphics. Together, these create a novel, immersive visual experience.

    The most compelling aspect of living pictures is their interactivity. Because the camera shoots images with information on the direction, color and intensity of the light rays, viewers can later shift the focus, tilt, perspective, and depth of field to different subjects in a frame on the fly. Photographers can concentrate on the overall scene and the story it tells without having to fret about capturing a single, perfectly focused shot.